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High Quality Cartridge, Split and Component Seals We guarantee the best products presented in the easiest fashion, demystifying seal selection and simplifying installation procedures. Contact us today!

We offer state-of-the-art designed products to All Industries including: Chemical Processing, Power and Utilities, Water and Waste Water.

Single Cartridge

The Delta single cartridge product family offers a range of designs that targets 85% of the non-cartridge world population by adapting to U.S. ANSI and European DIN standards for pump seals without pump modifications.

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Double Cartridge

Double seals and Tandem seals are required for process fluids containing abrasive slurries or hazardous / toxic chemicals and require an externally supplied barrier buffer fluids to pressurize, lubricate and cool the Inboard and Outboard seal faces.

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Only two major components, assemble and install in three easy steps setting a new standard for split seal ease of installation. New design eliminates installation problems commonly associated with current designs!

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The gland and rotary unit come preassembled; seal installation takes minutes! The gland has all components, including the stationary seal face, preinstalled. The rotating unit has all components, including: the rotary seal face, preinstalled.

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Our "Customer/User Friendly" commitment guarantess the highest quality product presented in the simplest fashion, demystifying seal selection and installation procedures.
Reliability Management Services (RMS)

A revolutionary cloud-based service designed to improve equipment reliability.

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Advanced Technology

New pumping design technology provides a positive flow 400%more efficient than other designs tested.

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Delta Mechanical Seals has been showcased in World Pumps, as well as in Pumps & Sytems.

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